Construction and Project Managers

Create a point of difference when submitting tenders and managing the construction phase. We don’t know how to manage a construction project so we don’t expect you to know all about the advanced technologies and “ones and zeros” that make a big impact on how you might specify and deliver a project. We don’t replace any of your consultants, rather we work with them to get an efficient solution that is better for all involved.

Connected Communities can work with you to help you win more tenders and deliver buildings that will wow your clients and their occupants with the availability of up to the minute technologies and services. Integrating a Connected Community into your design has a direct impact on reducing construction costs whilst significantly improving availability and functionality of services. As an example – A very popular solution for new build or refurbishment projects is Embedded Energy Networks. Remove the costs and headaches of connecting multiple meters to the local network whilst creating an ongoing revenue stream to the owners of the building. Visit our Embedded Energy Network page to find out more.


We ask the questions that the others don’t and often out consulting fees and delivered solutions are offset by cheaper and better solutions.


An ALL IT Connected Community is a converged IP network that can be modified to suit endless inputs and solutions. Contact us today to arrange an obligation free meeting to learn about  Connected Communities.