Building Owners and Managers

Is your building due for a refurbishment or upgrade? Are you occupants wishing for better building services and availability of advanced technologies that your building can’t deliver over existing infrastructure? Are you tired of your ever increasing costs and needing to upgrade some of your building infrastructure to manage rising costs?


Did you know that Connected Communities are not just for data and voice services, we also consult, design and deliver smart systems for integrated building systems including BMS, Lighting and Energy Control, Embedded Energy and Water Networks, CCTV and Access Control just to name a few.

We are finding more and more that Building owners and managers who implement our solutions (and most notably Embedded Energy and / or Water Networks) are finding their value as a manager viewed as being above and beyond other as a direct result of introducing Connected Communities to the owners.


Enquire about what we can do for your building. We can often upgrade your occupant services infrastructure at no cost to you or with a very short payback period.