With the ever increasing end user demand on energy, technology and data you can’t afford to not be up to the minute with technologies that are delivered via a Connected Community.

Under the Federal Government’s Fibre in New Developments Policy as updated in June 2011 property developers, as a general rule are now responsible for providing fibre-ready infrastructure in new real estate development projects. For existing developments our solutions offer cost effective upgrades that provide mutual benefit to the owners and occupants generally with surprising “payback” or ROI.

Reduce construction costs -  We have a deeper understanding of modern technology and energy environments and alternate solutions for property developments than most traditional providers, which means we can design a more efficient technical infrastructure that eliminates unnecessary costs.

Future-proof – By utilizing integrated systems on an converged IP Network your development will essentially turn in a “plug and play” environment; simply plug or unplug infrastructure services as your development requires.  Making your development truly flexible during and long after construction.

Increase ROI –  Through smarter design and reduction of unnecessary infrastructure your development will have access to more saleable / lettable space and in turn maximise the net to gross built area.

Reduce Variations - With Connected Communities acting as Master Integrator you will spend less time briefing consultants and modifying drawings as construction progresses.